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Your turnkey boiler solution experts. When it comes to boilers, we do it all.
Schedule a no-charge, one day boiler project consultation with Halgo Power CEO George Guillot, one of the foremost boiler system experts in the United States.

We know boilers, and beyond.

Halgo Power designs and installs complete boiler solutions end-to-end, and understands the details involved to make a project successful. Services include turnkey boiler engineering, fabrication, purchasing and installation, as well as staff training, startup, performance testing, troubleshooting and repair, maintenance, upgrades and retrofits. Our ASME "R" and "S" code stamps qualify us to work in any situation. Beyond boilers, we also provide and support all other boiler-related equipment on a boiler island or integrating with a plant.

We have the right industry connections.

We are the top selling reps of Babcock & Wilcox boilers and have been for the past 5 years. We are also top reps for Coen/Todd Combustion (burner solutions). We are the exclusive reps of both companies in Texas and serve all industries. We also have longstanding relationships with some of the top auxiliary equipment providers such as Chicago Blower Corp. (fans), Crosby Relief Valves, Eco, Inc. (heat recovery), Fisher-Rosemount (instrumentation & controls), Peerless Manufacturing (SCRs), & Warren Environment (stacks).

We know boilers, both packaged & field erected.

Halgo Power has provided boiler engineering and sales since 1952, and boiler installation and repair since 1971. We have successfully completed 50+ turnkey boiler projects over the last 10 years across multiple industries. In addition to package boilers, we have field erected boiler capabilities up to 500,000lb/hr.

We proactively manage our projects to deliver YOUR business objectives.

We know what it takes to meet your schedule and emissions deadlines, budgets, and efficiency and capacity goals. We customize our approach and our solutions, using the best equipment, to meet YOUR business objectives. We manage our projects proactively and transparently, and conduct weekly status meetings with a detailed project status dashboard (highlighting critical path/schedule, progress against business objectives, budget & risks/issues).

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