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Because Halgo Power is a turnkey boiler solution company, we can engineer, procure, fabricate and install any system or piece of equipment on a boiler island or integrating with a plant.

  Water Tube Boilers Water Tube Boilers:
"D" Boilers to 400,000lb/hr
Saturated Steam Boilers
Superheated Steam Boilers to 1030 psig and 1050 degrees F
Waste Heat Boilers

Halgo Power is an authorized and top selling rep of B&W boilers.
Visit their web site for more information

Package Scotch Marine Boilers
Available as required.

Rental boilers
Selection & installation.

  Low NOx Burners Low NOx/Emissions Control solutions:
25ppm Solutions
    Low NOx burners with FGRs (Flue Gas Recirculation)
9pmm Solutions
    Ultra Low NOx burners with FGRs(Flue Gas Recirculation)

Burners & Combustion Controls John Zink / Coen Burners / Todd Combustion Burners
& Combustion Controls:

Burner equipment for industrial boilers and utility boilers
Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery (HRSG) duct burners
Low NOx and Ultra Low NOx burners for emissions control
Combustion Controls
Fuel Gas Skids
Burner and Combustion Management Systems
Free Standing Control and Start-up Panels
Liquid Burners with Steam Atomization
Refinery Fuel Gas Firing
Staged Air for Low CO Emissions

Halgo Power is an authorized and top selling rep of Coen/Todd Combustion.
Visit their web site for more information

  SCRs SCRs (Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems):
Catalyst - Honeycomb & Pelletized
Ammonia Flow Control Units
Reactor Housing and Ducts
Ammonia Injection Grid
Ammonia Forwarding Pumps, Unloading Stations & Storage Tanks

  Flue Gas Recovery Systems Flue Gas Heat Recovery Systems (FGRS):
Up to 91% Efficient Boiler Solutions
Sensible & Latent Heat Recovery for Flue Gas
Flue Gas Recirculation Dampers, Duct, Fans
Economizers for Pre-Heating Feed Water
Condensing Exchangers
Air Pre Heaters

  Burner & Combustion Mgmt Systems Burner And Combustion Management Systems:
Fully Metered Systems
Windbox-Mounted Start Up Panels
Free Standing BMS, CMS Panels
Emergency Shutdown Systems

  Forced Draft Fans   Forced Draft Fans:
Airfoil and Backward Inclined
Radial Tip and Radial Bladed Fans
FD Fans with Induced FGR
FGR Fans for High Temperature Flue Gas
Inlet Silencers, Rain Hoods and/or Filters
Air Flow Measurement Instrumentation
Electric Motor-Driven Solutions
Steam Turbine-Driven Solutions
Combination of Drives on Single Fan

  Stacks & Ducts   Stacks and Ducts:
Carbon and Stainless Steel, Free Standing Stacks
Stub Stacks for direct mount on Economizers
Ladders and Platforms
EPA Test Ports
Mass Tuned Dampers
Combustion Air Ducts
Boiler Outlet and Transition Ducts
FGR Ducts

  Fuel Skids Fuel Skids:
Upgrades to NFPA Requirements
Natural Gas and Refinery Gas Fuel Skids with Shutdown and Block and Bleed Valves
Liquid Fuel skids with steam atomization

  Vent Silencers Start-Up and Super Heater Vent Silencers:
Maxim Silencers
High Velocity Steam Silencers

Visit Their Web Site for More Information www.maximsilencers.com

  Structural Structural Components:
Boiler Ladders and Platforms
Auxiliary Equipment Ladders, Stairs and Platforms
Piping and Pipe Supports
F.D. FAN Support Steel
Equipment Foundation Design and Installation

  Piping & Instrumentation Controls   Piping & Instrumentation Controls:
Pressure Transmitters (Low/High) and Indicators
Temperature Transmitters and Indicators
Differential Pressure (Flow) Transmitters
Combustion Air Flow Transmitters
Level Gauges and Controls
ASME Section I Piping Sppols
Pipe, Valves, Instrumentation & Controls (as part of a complete turnkey solution)
Pipe Racks, Pipe Supports, and Piping Tie-Ins




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