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Current Projects

Celanese Chemical, Bishop, TX
200,000#/hr 750psig, 750 F Superheated Boiler
Complete with demolition, foundation removal and re-design
SCR Catalyst Todd Combustion LowNOx burner
Full Installation

Monsanto Chemicals, Luling, LA
One 250,000 #/Hr 600 psig @ 7500 F Superheated Steam Boiler, Section I Piping, Gas Regulation, Vent Silencer and BMS.
Burning 60/40% Hydrogen/Natural Gas.
Complete Boiler Island Installation.

Pratt Paper Co., Shreveport, LA
One 250,000#/hr Saturated Boiler, 180 psig operating
Natural Gas & #2 Oil
Complete Turn-key installation

Bigler Corp, Pasadena, TX
Two 150,000#/hr 600 psig Saturated Boilers w/ economizers,
LowNOx Burners, SCR Catalyst, complete field install including foundation design and erection

Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans
150,000#/hr 550 F S.H. Boiler
Complete Asbestos Abatement & Demolition of 1925 converted coal fired boiler and field erection of new "D" water tube

Completed Projects

Flint Hills Resources, Corpus Christi, TX
One 250,000#/hr 485psig, 626 F S.H. Boiler
Refinery Gas with SCR for 8 ppm NOx
Complete Turn-Key Installation

Bechtel-Petrotrin, Trinidad & Tobago
Two 275,000#/hr 600 psig, 700 F S.H. Boilers
Refinery Gas, Barge Shipment
Furnish Boiler and all Auxilaries, Field Superintendent

Valero Energy, Houston, TX
Three 250,000#/hr S.H. Steam boilers
Refinery Gas and N.G. Fuels
Barge Delivery and Complete Installation

Valero Energy, Texas City, TX
Three 250,000#/hr S.H. Steam boilers
Refinery Gas and N.G. Fuels
Barge Delivery and Complete Installation

Amerada Hess, Houston, TX & Erath, LA
250,000#/hr Superheated Boiler
Natural Gas
Barge Delivery to Site in Erath, LA

350,000#/hr Field Erected , 640 psig, 750 F S.H.
Refinery Gas LoNOx Burners

E.I. DuPont de Nemours, Beaumont, TX
250,000#/hr 750 psig Saturated
30 ppm NOx, with 10% Refinery Gas, Hydrogen Rich

Kaneka Texas Corp, Pasadena, TX
200,000#/hr Saturated Steam Boiler, 250psig
9 ppm NOx with Todd Combustion RMB Ultra LoNOx burner
Full Controls and installation

Vulcan Chemicals, Geismar , LA
Two 200,000#/hr S.H. Boilers, 250 psig, 450 F S.H.complete with foundations, Pipe rack, all field piping and electrical
Refinery Gas LONox Burners

Procter & Gamble/ Fluor Daniels, Cincinatti, OH
200,000#/hr, 50 ppm NOx
Installation & Start Up
S.H Steam at 905 psig @ 825 0

Firestone Polymers, Orange, TX
One 200,000#/hr 450 PSIG Superheated Steam Boiler w/ Economizer, BMS, Stub Stack, and F.D. Fan.

Celanese Chemicals, Clear Lake, TX
Complete install one 200,000#/hr 750#/750F, New Burner & SCR
Re-hydro and Stamp for 814 psig

Copano, Ind.
Remove and Dismantle old boiler and replace with
150,000#/hr S.H., new Burner, Fan & SCR
Complete with foundation redesign

Campbell Soup, Paris, TX
Retrofit four existing boilers with
New Burners, controls, economizers and Rental Boiler

Baylor Health Care System
Three 27,000#/hr 300psig Fire Tube Boilers, 30 ppm burners
Installation and the demolition of two existing units

Dow Chemicals, La Porte, TX
50,000#/hr Saturated Steam, 200 psig
9 ppm NOx, Natural Gas

Rowan University, Glassboro, N.J.
Two (2) 40,000#/hr Saturated Boilers Complete with
Existing foundation removal, new foundations installation,start-up and commissioning

DFW Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
Four 33,000#/hr 250 psig
Ultra Low Nox Boilers, 9 ppm

Texas Instruments, Dallas, TX 1997
Four 75,000 #/Hr 350 PSIG Saturated Steam Boilers, 400,000#/hr Deaerator, Combustion Air Preheater, Steam Piping, Complete BMS & CMS Systems.

Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Fort Worth, TX
Three 100,000 #/Hr 350 PSIG Saturated Steam Boilers, 300,000#/hr Deaerator, Feedwater Pumps, Complete Computer Control System, BMS, CMS, Chemical Feed System, VFD, UPS, CEMS System, All Piping & Blow-Down System.

Lockheed Martin, Marietta, GA 2001
One 100,000 #/Hr 350 psig Saturated Steam Boilers, PEMS System, Roof Mounted Stack, Economizer, Control System, BMS and CMS.

Rock Tenn Paper Company, Dallas, TX 1998
One 65,000 #/Hr 350 PSIG, 5100 F Superheated Steam Boiler, BMS, CMS, Economizer and Stack.

Oxy Chem, Denver City Texas
Install new 60,000#/hr S.H. Boiler
Low NOx Burner, FD Fan and Controls

Giant Refining, Gallup, NM 2000
Ciniza Refinery
One 60,000#/hr 250 PSIG Saturated Steam Boiler Rebuild, CO Burner, Complete Re-Tube, New Inner/Outer Casing and Refractory.

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