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  One Stop Shop & Single Point of Accountability Halgo Power is unique in that it specializes in turnkey boiler solutions. Boiler projects can be complex, infrequent (about every 30-40 years), and staff intensive for most companies.

For turnkey installations, Halgo Power assumes full, end-to-end responsibility for meeting your business objectives, whether they are related to fuel savings, emissions standards, new plant startup deadlines, changing capacity needs or aged equipment. We bring our cross-industry, highly specialized experience to handle the many details involved in new boiler projects. We work with you to select the right equipment in the right configuration with the right integration and connections to deliver to your goals.

Your engineers may have never worked on a boiler project. Halgo Power has completed 50+ turnkey projects in the last 10 years, and we can deliver your project successfully as well.

Emissions Reduction Halgo Power can analyze your emissions issues and develop (and implement) a comprehensive reduction strategy for your situation and configuration.

NOx Emissions: Typically, NOx reductions are achieved by integrating new burner technology and SCRs. For hydrogen rich fuel applications, both a Low NOx burner and some FGR (flue gas recirculation) followed by an SCR are usually required. For natural gas applications, the use of an Ultra Low NOx Burner (with FGR) is typically sufficient.

CO Emissions: The unique membrane wall within B&W boilers allows most of the CO to be incinerated before exiting the furnace. When fuels generate excess CO outside of the furnace, a catalyst can be installed in the flue gas ducts upstream of the SCR and economizer.

  Fuel Savings

Halgo Power can analyze your current fuel costs and develop (and implement) a cost reduction strategy and supporting business case tailored to your situation and configuration. Doing nothing can cost your business millions!

Boiler Replacement: Boilers manufactured in the 1980s typically run around 77% efficient. Today's generation of boilers offer around 83% and up to 91% thermal efficiency. For example, a 250,000lb/hr boiler operated at 77% efficiency that is replaced by an 83% efficient boiler with a fuel cost of $6.50/mbtu will save $1.6M per year. At $10/mbtu, the savings increases to $2.4M per year. A typical boiler replacement can be paid for in 2 years.

Other Alternatives: When boiler replacement is not feasible, chemical cleaning of the older boilers and the addition of heat recovery economizers in the stack can improve efficiency.

  Troubled Project Turnaround Halgo Power can review your current project, perform a risk assessment, and develop a plan/recommendations for project recovery based on our extensive and unique turnkey boiler solution experience.Your project will benefit from our understanding of the details end-to-end and benefit from our lessons learned across multiple projects and industries.

Halgo Power has completed 50+ turnkey boiler projects over the last 10 years, has engaged in boiler engineering and sales since 1952, and has offered boiler installation and repair since 1971. George Guillot, Halgo Power CEO, is one of the foremost boiler system experts in the United States, and we are the top selling reps of B&W boilers and Coen/Todd Combustion systems.

  Boiler Life Extension & Uptime/Capacity Improvement Halgo Power can create and implement a plan to extend the life of your boiler system, as well as improve uptime and capacity/output. We can recommend and complete proactive maintenance and tuning activities to meet your specific objectives.

B&W boilers boast a unique tube/membrane design that provides a greater heat transfer surface than other boilers on the market today. This results not only in a faster startup time but longer life expectancy - B&W boilers are historically in service for 40+ years. Thus, choosing a B&W boiler for your new or replacement boiler project can automatically extend life expectancy.

Water treatment issues can also shorten the life of a boiler resulting in scaling and premature tube ruptures. Using properly treated water and conducting periodic inspections of the inner tube walls for scaling can prevent these issues. If scaling is found, chemical cleaning can be performed to dissolve scale without harm to the tubes. The chemicals to be used must first be tested on a sample of tubes. Halgo Power's "R" stamp allows us to remove tube sections for testing and replace with new tubing material in a short timeframe. Additionally, water can be treated using softeners, demineralizers or RO systems which Halgo Power can provide and install.



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